We are deeply committed to helping the Maine food system thrive.

As a classically trained Chef, Mark LaCasse understands the value of tradition. His deep-seated love for the art of cooking was discovered as a child while working along side his grandmother – affectionately known as “Gug”. In the kitchen, surrounded by family and friends, Gug instilled in him a strong foundation – combining a genuine passion for food and an ongoing commitment to culinary excellence that extends through to every aspect of the meal. Mark graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York in the Spring of 2007.

Mark and Kelly

Being an active member of a thriving local food system is a dream come true for Kelly LaCasse, co-owner at The Maine and Community Food Equity Coordinator at Healthy Northern Kennebec. Kelly’s passion for food justice, sustainable living, and food system education is infectious and this drive is apparent whether she is advocating at the local or statewide level.

Mark and Kelly both grew up in central Maine but shared a passion for adventure. Together since 1998 when they fell in love on a beach volleyball court in Maine and have followed their dreams all over the United States and abroad. Along the way as they gained knowledge and experience through education and professional experiences, their passion for food and culture was a driving force. This 14 year journey included living in Huntington Beach California while Mark studied culinary arts and Kelly studies film and sound engineering, and playing a lot of beach volleyball. They lived in the Hudson Valley of New York while Mark continued his culinary arts degree and Kelly studied holistic nutrition with hands on experience in the New England regional food system. In the summers they were working close to home at Lakewood Theater and Restaurant, set on a beautiful lake in central Maine where they began to learn about the thriving local food system. They spent 3 years working abroad in the remote Corn Islands of Nicaragua running an eco-resort. Here Mark and Kelly had the opportunity to immerse themselves into the fusion of Caribbean and Latin American cultures. Fueled by well rounded life experiences, a multitude of inspiring, passionate and talented people that they met along the way, and grounded by the strength, love and support of their families, Mark and Kelly return home to Maine to raise a family and start their own business.

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The Maine Meal launched in June of 2011.

Mark is the third generation to run a business out of the family owned building at 4 Madison Avenue in Skowhegan. Nestled on the banks of the Kennebec river, Mark and Kelly have settled down with their two sons, Eben (age 9) and Tucker (age 5). They have recently moved into the LaCasse Family house which was built in the late 1800’s. Eben and Tucker are the 5th generation of LaCasse’s to grow up here in Skowhegan. The Maine Meal is a small, family run business licensed through the Maine Department of Agriculture and the USDA as a food manufacturer. Using time honored approaches to the art of cooking that he learned from his grandmother, Mark has designed a complete line of gourmet prepared frozen meals that combine innovative recipes, classic culinary methods, and fresh, local ingredients. The exceptional quality of Maine beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables, fruit, artisan pasta, and handcrafted cheeses allow Chef LaCasse to provide a diverse and dynamic menu that appeals to food lovers of all ages.

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Find Us Online and Maine Farmers Markets

Currently selling our gourmet meals at Maine Farmers Markets, The Maine Meal is ramping up to the expand business in 2019. We have relaunched our website and are now seeking wholesale accounts for their gourmet prepared food line. The Maine food system is in need of food processors to increase the vitality of Maine families committed to keeping farming and fishing alive and well in Maine. As The Maine Meal grows, we are exited to help fill that gap by increasing our local sourcing to have a bigger impact on the economic success of the Maine food system.

Learn more about the hard working Maine farmers and fisherman that we support through this website, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

If you are visiting or live in Maine you can order online and have The Maine Meal delivered or shipped directly to your door (no out of State shipping yet), or check out the “Where To Find Us” page for farmers markets and events that we are at!

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